Multiple airplay devices

I have 2 apple tv’s when using my mac as an Airplay server is there any way to set airplay to s particular apple tv? I want one activitie for my living room and one for the bedroom

The important thing to remember about the .AIRPLAY SET command is that works exactly as well as the Airplay button in iTunes. That is good and bad. It means you can set different speakers, turn one on, turn one off just like you want. It also means the command is basically meaningless in the absence of active content and iTunes for the most part doesn’t care what you want related to Airplay if there isn’t something active. One good way to handle that would be to establish a button that had some .AIRPLAY SET commands for instance to activate two speakers.

There is also the .AIRPLAY TOGGLE SET command to toggle a given Airplay speaker.

And of course there is always the Airplay menu on the Virtual Remote.

Thank you.

FYI… There is no spacebar when entering perimeters… not sure if that is a bug or not.

I’m having the issue where selecting the Airplay speaker on the remote works, but using the .AIRPLAY SET command isn’t. Command when issued displays as red.

Is there any log that would show the parameter which is passed during these commands? Would help with troubleshooting since i’m able to successfully change the source via the remote, so it’s just a matter identifying what has been sent.

Referring to the above posts, the spacebar issue was a bug in 2.0.1 that was fixed.

The syntax for .AIRPLAY SET is the name of the speaker (eg. “Living Room Apple TV”). Support can help to diagnose any issues with that.

Thank you.