Multiple boxes for different interfaces?

I haven’t bought anything yet but wanted to “check” my proposed configuration.

I’d like to control my NAD M15HD preamp (RS232) so I can get feedback to my ipad (like volume level).

I’d like to control my Direct TV receiver (ethernet) and get feedback to the iPad too.

My Oppo Blue Ray player has an RS232 interface, so it would be cool to control it and get feedback too.

Then I have some other very high-end sources that are infared only.

What do I need to buy in order to control all of this?

Do I need an iTach ethernet to Serial device for each RS232 connection? Do you just keep adding Roomie devices and run them all through a switch?

The M15 is similar but not identical to the T Series set. You would need to modify the T Series set to get control for that model. Support can send that to you.

The Oppo and DirecTV you should check your exact model numbers against the published lists:

Yes, serial is 1:1, one iTach SL per device.