Multiple "Climate" devices in Homebar

Most Homebar categories are organized by room. But the left-most climate category is not. All climate (thermostat) devices appear in all rooms. Also, it’s not clear to me how those devices are ordered (see the attached screen grab).

Is there anyway to modify this behavior (other than hiding some of the devices from the homebar)?


Thermostats do not typically associate by room, so the conceptual association is reversed. We list thermostats individually once inside the Homebar. But the key association is that each room is associated with a Thermostat in the Rooms panel. That is the Thermostat used for the Homebar display (before you tap the HB button), and will also be the Thermostat used when you tap it. That’s how you control which one is selected when you open the HB panel and which one is displayed based on which room you’re in.


Thanks very much :grinning:

Missed that in the rooms settings. Thanks again!