Multiple commands in button

Use Case:

I’m using for TV. It starts with a Home screen and I want it to display Live TV. There is a known key combo of back > up > select that will show Live TV. Is there a way I can map this to a custom button?

The two things I’ve tried.

  1. I tried adding this to the startup but I’m using Apple TV with a voice command to start and if I put a delay after the voice command then the voice command isn’t issued and if I don’t put a delay, the commands run before the voice command completes.
  2. I created an inline activity and attached it to a button and it works but the inline activity can’t be hidden and shows in my Room and is really only appropriate to this very specific use case and should be hidden from the room.
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As you noted the solution for this is to create an Activity to sequence commands properly. There are many options for where to put that Activity. A common one is to use a room called “Home” to store such Activities if you want to hide them, or whatever you want to call it.