Multiple Conditions - One Command

Hello -

I have a Shinybow 8x8 HDMI Switcher. The brand is irrelevant as it is a device that must have power on for all video zones but needs power off when not being utilized. It is obviously used to port an HDMI signal to 8 zones from 8 sources. Currently, I have to power it off with a system off and not a room off. Reason being is that a room off causes signal interruption if 2 or more rooms are on. When 1 room is switched off, the switcher goes off and the video feed is lost. Per Jon Lopez, I created a HDMI Toggle and then conventionalized a it for all rooms with each room using a power off. This does not work because the current conditional programming only allows OR and not AND.

Current programming example:

Power HDMI Switch off if Room 1 is off OR Room 2 is off OR Room 3 is off etc…

This does not work because if one of the conditions is “True” then the command is performed.

Please add AND as part of the conditional programming to allow for this type of command

Proposed condition is:

Power HDMI Switcher off if Room 1 is off AND Room 2 is off AND Room 3 is off etc…"

Can you please implement this in a future upgrade? Your previous recommendation was to keep the unit on or turn it off with a system off. The problem with leaving it on is that it decreases the life of the unit and system off at the end of the system use requires the general user to implement 1 more step of power off, which will never happen, thus decrease the life of the unit.

Thanks - Jon