Multiple devices on ITunes

I have 3 devices running Roomie but it seems that only 1 can be linked with ITunes?

I have paired all 3 devices but when I try a different roomie remote it can’t contact iTunes.

This is an important feature for me as I am integrating roomie remote into a smart house project and the idea is to get 4-5 iPods and have them in each room.N

Ok so question time

Am I being silly is there an easy answer?

Is support for multiple devices being looked at for ITunes

Is there any other (free) media server application that runs with roomie that will do the same job but let me use more than 1 remote?

Thanks in advance for any help :slight_smile:

One important aspect in doing that to make it work properly is to make sure the iOS devices share their configurations. If you setup iTunes from one device, the other iOS devices in the house need to share that configuration.