Multiple Devices/Same Models

I just purchased this and was playign aroudn with it until my Wifi to IR devices arrive and I ran into some challenges. My setup is pretty complex throughout my house so I may need a little assistance.

I need some assistance with setting up my system. Here is what I have in my media room:

(4) Samsung 55 inch LCD television with the ability to get a static IP (Not Internet ready)
(3) Directv HD DVRs - HR-24
(1) Apple TV (plugs into a 2:1 HDMI splitter into Matrix)
(1) Blu-Ray (plugs into a 2:1 HDMI splitter into Matrix)
(1) Sonos connected digital to AVR (Sonos control is lacking to say the least)
(1) Monoprice Matrix Switch

My challenge is that there is no way for me to label each of the devices independently. For instance, if I want to watch DVR 1 on TV 2, watch apple TV on TV1, DVR 3 on TV3 and DVR 1 on TV4 there is no way for me to know which television or DVR I am operating. I currently have each labeled as TV1/2/3/4 and DVR1/2/3 and I let my AVR do the sound processing so that I can move the 7.1 sound to different televisions depending on which one I wan to hear.

How can I label the different devices in the remote so that I can better understand what I am controlling?

The IR devices will make sense once they’re attached to the WF2IR as they’re then identified by which iTach and which port they are on.

Sonos devices are clearly labelled in Roomie using the name you’ve given each box during Sonos configuration.

DirecTV is the primary case we’re aware of where we’d like to distinguish them more clearly. So for those 3 boxes you’d need to figure out which is which by the long number that is displayed or writing it down. We may add something like a note field in the future for that specifically.