Multiple "Display" Buttons

Hi. I have a Denon 3313 with all 3 Zones powering different speaker zones in my house. I setup my remote so that i can turn on/off Zones 2/3 and turn volume up/down in zones 2/3. I can see the volume level of Zone 1 on my remote screen but it does not show the volume level of Zone 2 or 3. is there a way to add the volume display for Zones 2 and 3?


Are you saying that you added all 3 zones to 1 room? That would require creating separate activities. The normal way to configure that would be 3 separate rooms (logically 1 Roomie room per Denon zone). Each of those rooms then contains a Denon device with the appropriate zone selected. That device will then show the volume for that zone.

I have an activity called “Listen to Pandora” and the remote that pops up for that activity is my Denon remote. On that remote, i have a rocker to turn zone 2 on/off and a rocker to turn zone 3 on/off. Same for volume. My question is if on that remote i can get feedback on what the volume level is set at for Zones 2 and 3. Thanks!

You would need to create a separate room ideally for that, or you could also do it by adding a separate activity if you add the zones to the same room.