Multiple HDMI input switches

How do you set up multiple HDMI inputs on a TV without having a ‘compatible’ device on each port?

I have :

  • 1: Blu-Ray

  • 2 : AppleTV 1

  • 3 : AppleTV 3

  • 4 : Mac Mini

The Blu-Ray input is fine. It is one on the devices.

The two ATVs show up as a single iTunes Media thing (so I can’t distinguish them or assign them to different HDMI inputs).

The MacMini won’t list as a device so I can’t assign a HDMI input for that.

Is there a way to add all these HDMI inputs so I can switch to them in the system?


Normally you have a way to control each device. The Apple TVs for instance are controlled via the iTach IR. Each of them thus is represented as an individual device. The Mac Mini would have several options. iTunes is not related. If you don’t want to control the actual devices, we’d suggest adding the input commands manually for that Activity.

I’m still not sure that I understand the setup.

I have the iTach WF2IR and I’ve added TV, Receiver.

I added two AppleTVs but they seem to show as a single iTunes device.

On the TV device, it seems like I’m limited on devices to add to the INPUT selections of only the devices that Roomie has discovered. How do I make an entry for the MacMini? How do I distinguish between the two AppleTVs?

What I would like to do is to program the TV source selection to :

input-1 : Blu-Ray (successful)

input-2 : AppleTV1

input-3 : AppleTV3 (successful)

input-4 : MacMini

how do I add AppleTVs to the iTach controller?

how can I manually add input selections to the TV device?

Adding an AppleTV is performed just like any other IR device. You select the iTach IR, then Media Player -> Apple. It sounds like you’re selecting an unrelated iTunes install instead.

You can add commands to any Activity to set an input by editing the Activity and choosing Add Command under Start Commands.

Thanks, let me try that. That might clear things up.