Multiple iOS Devices and Media closet

Roomie 1.6 introduced Activity Memory. If you turn on “iCloud Synchronization” in Settings, the Activity Memory feature is then turned on as part of that.

This provides exactly the feature you’re talking about where starting an Activity on one device should reflect on all of your other devices running Roomie (assuming they are on the same Apple ID with iCloud Synchronization turned on).

Note that Activity Memory has no relation to whether a given target device supports multiple connections as you point out. That’s something that needs to be accounted for in the system design by making sure to use iTach units for instance instead of GC-100 units for IR, etc.

This sounds like what I want to do. I have ordered the Tach units to substitute for the GC-100 units. I’ll give it a go this weekend.

Thank you for your response.

In accordance with this, the GC-100 does not support this feature?. Because I installed one and only shows activity on an Apple device. Should I migrate Itach, to take advantage of this feature?

I migrated to the IP2IR iTach devices and it works on all my iOS devices with Cloud Sync on - awesome. Thank you!