Multiple Line Button Labels?

Is it possible to create multiline button labels?

Like the ones that show up on some of the default remotes?

If so how.


Button labels automatically expand to multiple lines when needed if the button allows it. The Grid Buttons do allow several lines. Some buttons only have space for one line.

Thank you.

I think what he is talking about is that some stay single line with smaller fonts. This kind of makes the remote look cheap, with different buttons using different font sizes for longer names

A ‘n’ or something to force/define EOL would be cool

One note on that is the behavior is different on iOS 6 versus iOS 7. There is a lot of iOS 7 specific functionality now that keeps uniform text sizes within button groups like the DPad or Grid Buttons. Much of that does not apply to iOS 6. So if that is the issue you’re referring to then upgrading to iOS 7 will also resolve it.

Thank you.