Multiple networks

Does Roomie support rooms with different networks? Like for instance in two different houses? I have Sonos in my two houses, and Roomie seems to be lost: says something about updating the reference when Adding the sonos in the second house, and then does not recognises the other Sonos in the other house!

Are the two Sonos devices named the same thing? The concept of what you’re saying should work fine so we suspect the configuration of those two Sonos devices causes them to be confused such as using an identical name.

Your’re absolutely right, they were. I’ll see if it waprsk better by renaming them. Will keep you posted! Tks

A related question: Is there explicit support for multiple locations in roomie, or is this a feature you would consider adding? We have two homes, and it would be nice if each home could be separate in Roomie (even nicer if Roomie figured out which house it was in by looking at the IP address of the WiFi network). At present it seems like the only way to do this is by having some sort of prefix for each room (SF-Office, SF-Family, NY-Office, NY-Family), ala what I had to do for our Sonos systems, which also doesn’t support multiple locations well. Or am I missing something?



Right now, the best way to handle multiple homes is to put them in one configuration (assuming they’re both your homes), yes some kind of naming nomenclature might be useful for you on that, or if you’re managing multiple homes as an installer, to use a different Dropbox for each home (shared with the homeowner).

We have an additional solution coming as part of Roomie Agent which we’ll be announcing more information about soon.