Multizone amp feedback

Is the volume feedback for Mirage M-400, Russound C-Series, and Shinybow SB-8804LCM Multizone Amplifiers for RS-232 or Ethernet? Would I be able to assign an amp zone for volume control for all devices? Would the volume slider work like it does with a regular receiver? Any chance to add the RTI multi zone amps as well?

I would also like clarity on multi-zone amp / controller functionality (especially ones with IP support). I just looked at the compatibility list and do not see any updated information on models supported and/or what feedback functionality is offered. Thanks!

I have the russound mca-c5. I have it connected via Ethernet. Yes, you can assign an amp zone to control volume for all devices. The volume slider works like other devices.

Does it also let you control each and every zone differently? Meaning can you create a custom remote with all the zone volume controls on it and have one place to turn them independently up and down?

Yes it lets you control each zone independently. You can turn off/on, set to party mode, change volume and change source for each zone.

You could create a custom remote to control all the zones if you wanted. I would like to see this built in for a future release though.