My Setup - Can Roomie do what I need?

Hi I have been looking at Roomie, but I have been bogged down with work to really dive in to figure out what I need, So I figured I would ask here on the forum. In my media room I have 5 TV’s using DirecTv. I have a 47" TV at each quadrant of the wall NW,NE,SW,SE and then one 65" in the center. I also have a 120" screen that comes down from the ceiling for movies. I have a receiver that is connected to the local internet to provide the sound. My question is that the TV’s are a pain to control as the remote signals are the same for each. I use the DirecTV app but I need more control. Here is what I want to do.

  1. When watching football, I want to be able to switch games from the center tv to one of the corner tvs during commercials. So if there is a commercial on the main game in the center, I can press a button or swipe to switch the game to another tv. MIN VS GB on main, NE vs NYJ on corner tv will result in the NE vs NYJ game on the center tv and the MIN vs GB in the corner tv.

  2. If I turn on the projecter, the screen will be triggered to go down, but can I also send a signal to turn off all of the TV’s. Can Roomie also be used to control Wifi operated blinds?

If I can do these things what is the best hardware / setup I will need?



You would want a discrete IR channel for each TV. Each iTach supports 3 discrete IR channels. Using discrete channels with identical codes, you would want to use emitters only and likely you would also want emitter shields like this (or just use black electrical tape):

The DirecTV receivers (assuming your model is on the supported list which is almost a given these days) don’t need any adapters.

For your blinds and screen, you’d want to lookup your actual devices by brand/model on the compatibility lists to see how you’d want to control them.

Thank you.