My suggestion list

I’ve been using this remote so much that I thought I’d make a few (hopefully useful) iPhone app suggestions.

To reduce clutter, remove the “Edit” button in the top/right corner when the “Prevent editing” option is selected.

Because screen space is limited on the iPhone, I’d prefer a shorter top bar and smaller font. The space just below the top bar, where commands are briefly shown, also seems a bit tall.

Move the “Rooms” button in the bottom/left corner to the top/center, where the currently selected room is presently displayed (i.e., make the title box into the button that shows the list of rooms). This would de-clutter the bottom bar and allow for larger bottom buttons (room/remote/guide). (Note: I’ve only one room and, to me, the bottom/left button seems like a waste of valuable space).

Option to use a custom image as a room icon. I see that these are special icons since a plain grey version is displayed in the bottom bar. Perhaps add a few icons that are less color-saturated/distracting?

A timeline atop the Program Guide would help tremendously, especially when I’ve lost my reading glasses!

I would prefer shorter rows and less empty space in the Program Guide.

An option to show dark text on a light background would be nice. The channel list (along the left side) could hopefully remain the same (light text on dark colors) so that the icons look the same under both program list color schemes.

Looking over my list, I see that most of my suggestions arise from my recent need of reading glasses :frowning:

You can see the new guide timeline in the 1.6 preview screenshots we just posted.