MySKY HD Italy

Hello, just finished setting up roomie with my HT system.

I’ve one of the latest MySKY HD slim Pace settopbox (italian version): the automatic setup proposes a code setting, and 80% works… but several keys do not (eg. key “1”, “channel down”, etc.). This is not a major problem 'cos I could learn again all the codes, but… better if you correct the basis setup.

A major problem is instead related to the tv guide in-app purchase (that I’ve bought after checking that Rovi had acquired - last august - the rights to manage the Sky Italy epg). Nonetheless in the tv guide I can only see the planning of free to air dtt channels, while any pay channel doesnt show any programming (eg. Fox, Cinema 1, axn, etc.)

Might you check this? Many tks, best!

Dear friends, I’ve not solved out the above EPG situation, yet.

Have you perhaps been able to investigate and understand the problem with the italian guide? It’s still existent: Sky Italy pay channels are NOT shown.

Meanwhile… a suggestion: in the EPG view screen it would be easier to check what is programmed by a certain time if you add a small timeline just below the days strip, at the top of the screen. This way it would be easier to check, for instance, what’s being programmed from 9:15pm onwards.