NAD IP Control (Lenbrook, Bluesound, and BluOS)

NAD is making some great products these days. Lenbrook, NAD’s parent company, is doing a great job with the Bluesound products and the BluOS platform is doing well as a result.

NAD’s making some great network streamers, pre/pros, and receivers that would be well served to be controlled by Roomie. Please add support for NAD and all BluOS products.

Additionally, NAD publishes control IP integration information on the page of each product. Here’s an example of one page for one of their popular receivers (click on the Control Integration tab):

I personally previously used Denon, Marantz, Onkyo, and Integra gear in my house, but I’ve swapped it all out for NAD and BluOS equipment because NAD’s electronics/DACs sound significantly better. I’d love to see their products supported over IP control (and deep control with BluOS would be even better, or BluOS via Roon control if that were somehow easier to do).

I’d be more than happy to beta test.

Until the NAD codes are added, here’s supplemental codes to get things going for you (758v3 and 777v3). I have tested this over ethernet and serial on my 758v3. I prioritized the “most used“ codes that aren’t currently in the code set, there are quite a few possible commands left out.

<string>Supplemental Zone 1</string>
<key>Neural X Mode</key>
<key>Dirac 1</key>
<key>Dirac 2</key>
<key>Dirac 3</key>
<key>Dirac Off</key>
<key>Dimmer On</key>
<key>Dimmer Off</key>
<key>Bass Enhanced On</key>
<key>Bass Enhanced Off</key>
<key>Sleep 10</key>
<key>Sleep 30</key>
<key>Sleep 60</key>
<key>Sleep 90</key>
<key>Sleep Off</key>
<key>Preset 1</key>
<key>Preset 2</key>
<key>Preset 3</key>
<key>Preset 4</key>
<key>Preset 5</key>

How would I go about using these?
Does it provide 2-way volume feedback?

The 2-way feedback for volume, input and mode is already built into Roomie. If you are using IP control, just use port 23 and it will work.

The above codes are “supplemental codes“ that you add to your configuration, but it’s kind of a pain to get them into a configuration, frankly. Hopefully Roomie will update the NAD codes now that 6.0 is out the door, because things like the navigational and menu buttons are really are needed to flesh out NAD support.