Neat Trick - Lighting Control on 'System Off Home Menu&

I thought I would share a trick. I have an ISY99 and I currently use pop-up menus to control lights for a given room (so as to not leave the current menu screen for the AV activity). I am also using Roomie to show whether the garage doors are open or closed via feedback and direct garage door control (via Insteon I/O link 2450 as controlled by the ISY and implemented into Roomie).

But when I select System Off, instead of a blank main screen (or URL for some site) being displayed, I want a remote control displayed to command the lights and garage door, show garage door status, etc. However the System Off event will not allow a remote to be displayed.

So I created a ‘new activity’ and called it “System Off” with the same image for the original ‘System Off’ activity, added all the system off commands for the given room, and set it to pull up a custom remote as discussed above. Now, when I turn off a given room (I did this for each of my rooms), there is a lighting and garage door status remote displayed in the ‘home screen’ for those times that I don’t actually want A/V but just lighting control. In other words, the lighting and garage control defaults to the Roomie iPad home screen.

Here is the trick: You cannot delete the original ‘System Off’ activity - but - you can ‘re-task it’. In other words, I already had an activity to pull up a URL scheme for the iOS app RadarScope (for weather radar). I deleted that activity, and renamed the original ‘System Off’ activity to ‘Weather Radar’, changed the image, and for the ‘system off’ command I instead use radarscope:// as the URL (select ‘show in Safari’) to pull up that app.

I thought this might be useful to someone! I am loving it.

Adam, thanks for the tip. I am struggling to get garage feedback in roomie. I am using an isy and garagelinc setup via instructions on smarthome. I can’t seem to get the garage/gate status in roomie. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Mike