Need some power toggle suggestions for a cable box


I have a Cisco 8600 HD cable box. It powers on and off via power toggle instead of on and off.

The problem occurs when someone else in my family turns on the TV and cable box, leaves the room and I turn the TV and cable box off.

Their device still shows as ON. Mine shows as off. So they come back to turn on the tv. The TV goes on the cable box is already listed as “On” on their device. So it doesn’t power on.

Any Creative ways around this?


Roomie will synchronize all of that for you if either at least one other Roomie is running at the same time (so it will hear about the power change from the other), or if you run Roomie Agent, an OS X app that runs all the time and keeps all of your Roomies synchronized. This FAQ goes into detail on that:

Thank you.

Thank you very much. I don’t have a mac. Otherwise I’d buy the agent. Reading in a prior thread, you said all roomies are agents. So I have an old ipod touch running roomie 24/7 as a test. So far, seems to work great.

Yes, from a pure synchronization perspective that should work great.

Thank you.