Nest API scheduled for almost immediate deprecation

Message from Google today:

• Works with Nest API deprecation date. Nest device APIs will be turned off August 31, 2019.
• Nest Account to Google Account migration. Early this summer, we will invite Nest Account holders to migrate to a Google Account to align our systems, accounts, and platforms.

  • During account migration, users will be asked to remove their Works with Nest connections.
  • Once migration is completed, all of their Works with Nest connections will no longer work. This action is not reversible.

This was part of a series of announcements by Google today. Note that the date of August 31 is basically incorrect. Most users will probably not think about and just convert their accounts to Google when recommended by a Google website which could happen literally any day now, and that will cause any existing link to Nest to break permanently.

So if you currently use our Nest support, be aware that you can choose to make it last until August 31, but only if you don’t do whatever it is they push you to do to convert your account before then.

As to whether we will be able to support Nest after that, it is way too early to tell. Indications from Google people talking about all the many products that this change breaks aren’t initially indicating that they gave this a lot of thought.

For users considering migrating away from Nest or looking for a new Thermostat, we would recommend at this time any of the many other supported thermostats including all HomeKit thermostats, and direct access to Ecobee and Honeywell. See the Compatibility page for details.