Nest in Roomie 3.0

I’m sure you’re busy with 3.0 just hitting the app store, but I’m having an issue getting Nest to work correctly. I add the Nest and link the account, which clearly works as it sees both my Nests and their associated names. However, the temperature isn’t changing through Roomie. Not sure what the issue is. I’ve tried adding and removing a few times with no luck.

Side node, it took some fiddling for me to get the Apple TV working but once I did it’s MUCH better than via IR. I always had some small command delay with IR and its completely gone now that I’m controlling via IP. Very pleased.

Try reloading the Activity or power cycling the device. Some kind of timing issue when initially adding it as a device perhaps.

Thank you.

I have the same issue with Nest. Seems like the temperature is not updating real time. A change in set temperature has to be made before the current temp is updated, and occasionally that doesn’t work either.

We did just resolve an issue setting the target temperature of Nest systems set to single mode (eg. cool only instead of heat and cool). The codes have been updated to correct that. No software update is needed.

Just tap “Update Code Sets” and wait about 30 seconds. Then power cycle your iOS device (or use the app bar to force quit Roomie) and then reopen Roomie and it should work fine.

Thank you.

Awesome. Thanks guys, will try this later tonight.