Nest Thermostat?

We need nest control to integrate with air conditioners that only use infrared controllers.

I’d like to see Nest integrated too. For me this is a lot like Webcams, pool controllers, sprinkler controllers and the like. Yes the all have their own apps. But as AdamHLF notes above (sort of :slight_smile: there are only so many things one can teach someone who is only a casual user or a guest. I’d like to get to the point where that is just roomie (and unfortunately for a while it’s going to be Sonos).

Any update to adding NEST thermostat and NEST Protect to roomie? Your app is more than a home theater remote. It competes with Control4 and Crestron in it’s sophistication and capabilities. It fits right in with lighting control.

Nest still hasn’t released their API they announced in September. Their statement at the time was that they would do so in early 2014, so we look forward to that happening and will certain take a look at it then. We have a lot of Nest products here ready to test when they do.

Thank you.

Good thing roomie listens to his customers to integrate the nest!

its all about the customer, thats why i use roomie. and i also want to buy a nest

and it would be great if i could integrate it with my “roomie”

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Im not sure about everyone else, but i would be more than happy to pay for another in app purchase for proper full home automation integration within roomie remote.

As most others have said, the point of me using roomie is for full house intergration in one solution that can be easily managed and traversed by the family and freinds.


Keep up the good work! :slight_smile:.

I agree. I would be willing to buy a “Nest Plug-in” on top of the existing In-app purchases I have already made…lets just hope the Google acquisition will not slow down the release of their API!

Looking back at Roomie’s initial reply to this request; there most definitely is a connection to home theater for small apartments. The fan noise of the HVAC system kicking on can be quite loud, like in my case. Since I have an unofficial Nest plug-in on my Vera 3, I do have a “Movie Mode” activity that fires a scene in Vera that turns off all the lights in my main room, lowers the blackout shades, and finally turns off the HVAC fan for a 2 hour period.

This allows me to enjoy my movies without having to adjust the volume when the fan kicks on at my loft. Just thought I would throw that out there.

Still loving Roomie!

We’re unlikely to create more in-app purchases. Our philosophy now is to put everything like this into the Roomie Service for simplicity.

At some point we’ll just stop waiting for Nest’s non-publishing of their announced API and add an unofficial interface for them. We’ll re-evaluate at the end of Q1. Anyone could do this with our DDK of course now as well.

Thank you.

Sounds awesome.

on a slightly different note to the OP. Im looking at home automation and with the new products from lightwave i was thinking of using these with a vera box. Do you feel integration for this control box will improve over time with roomie, ie proper feedback of all functions etc or should i go for another control system or home automation? In short, which is likely to get the most attention from you guys?



Vera is certainly one of the boxes that will receive continuing attention. We don’t think any one box can be said to receive the “most” attention as we develop most features with several targets.

We’re more likely to add new boxes as quite a few these “home automation box” controllers keep popping up. Vera strikes a good balance of maturity, not being one of the new kids on the block, not suffering from overwhelming false marketing like that new red one, while featuring a robust feature set. The flaw in Vera is that its user interface can be less than friendly.

If you’re willing to stick to Insteon, the ISY99 is a great pure box solution and because of its architecture is slightly better integrated than Vera. Lutron Radio RA 2 is probably more integrated than any other box.

If you have OS X, Indigo Server is quite a great system. There are things to like about almost every system we support.

Thank you.

When/if you provide Nest support, will you make the thermostat interface generic? That way we could add other thermostats using custom devices.

So what ever happened with the public API coming in early 2014??

Did nsaspyggle put an end to it when they took over?

Hopefully roomie never sale out to google :confused:

271 days later, it looks like this was released tonight at 9pm Pacific. We’re looking into it. This is an elaborate API so it will require a software release. Most likely that will become part of 3.0, we’ll see.

Thank you.

Sweet!!! I signed up for your 3.0 beta. I have a nest and ios 8 if you need a tester :slight_smile:

+1 for this functionality! Hope it makes it into a 3.x release!

I hope it makes it there too!!! I would love to control the nest from roomie. Hopefully scheduled, remote triggers makes it there too.