Nest Thermostat?

Just got a Nest thermostat for my new home… love it, and they do have good apps for both iOS and Android… but to have an all-in-one solution would be great. Any plans on supporting this? Lowes just announced they are going to start carrying it so I expect its popularity to grow soon.

We’ve thought about this and are still a little foggy why these devices are relevant to home theater. When someone says “I want this lift/drapes/whatever to open when I perform this Activity”, there is a clear connection between said automation functionality and home theater, so we have gone ahead with many things like that.

But when was the last time someone said “I want the room to be 74 degrees for Roku and 71 degrees for Blu-rays.”

… Point being, if it doesn’t actually have any connection to home theater, we’d just as soon leave it in its own app. We’re not trying to control your sprinklers.

Funny I jus got a Nest today as well. I think it would be neat to at least see the temperature. I guess just like lighting having a single dashboard is nice. Unlike lighting you don’t change the thermostat that often though.

I agree that it is not a high priority, but it might be nice when your sitting there watching a movie and you feel too too cold or too hot.

Agreed that temp control isn’t a home theater need but it would be a great selling point to this app. as an all in one “service”. The only control features that I know of that separate Roomie and Control4 is the ability to control HVAC and security. It would be high on the “coolness” factor…

You’ve never sat down, turned on some form of entertainment with some guests over and someone mentions…“Its kinda warm” or “its kinda cool” (tempature wise)? The guys might just love a feature like this when entertaining a lady, room starts getting REAL warm…endless possibilities. Isnt this about connectivity, not just entertainment. You guys have a brilliant product, exploit it.

I would like to see it but double clicking home button to select the Nest app doesn’t take a lot of effort. With that said having a single dashboard which the family can easily understand would be nice.

Thanks for the quick reply. I agree with jaydebeers and others… Why not have everything including the kitchen sink (do they have wifi ones yet?).

With the customization available in roomie, there’s no such thing as “too many” devices supported. I completely understand if the reason is limited time/staff/etc, but why put up a fence and rule out anything at this point? I rarely pay for any apps but I feel like you guys currently have the best solution for IP-based home theater. I understand that part of your model is charging for addons (I read recently that you plan on an airplay/itunes addon soon for example), but have you tinkered with the idea of making it possible for your users to add their own devices if APIs are available? I think it would spawn a nice community of people working together similar to that of something like mediaportal. Just my $0.02… keep up the great work guys!

No app for my kitchen sink but it is a nice Delta touch faucet! Of course no guests understand how to use it.

We do support custom devices. We publish that information here:

We haven’t looked into Nest enough to know if that could work there.

I’m sorry but after reading ckole’s Comment about “no app for the kitchen sink”. As a custom electronics installer I get requests for all kinds of off the wall things. So I have to think outside the box. Sometimes too far. but anyway if you use the wf2cc or ip2cc with roomie you can control a delta touch faucet by controlling solenoid directly so you don’t loose any of the touch or motion functions of the faucet. Pluse you can power the iTach and the faucet electronics using the same battery pack.

I would like to respond also to the Nest integration topic. In terms of relevancy to Home Theater and Roomie, I dove “all in” to Roomie and the hardware to make it work with the goal of 100% integration of home control into a single app. Its all about the WAF (wife acceptance factor) . I am fully in support of Nest integration. Thanks again for a great app.

I would also like to see this added as well, also trying to justify costs driven by Waf.

I think Nest integration would be fantastic - but must polished!

Roomie would have to show current temperature and some how have an intuitive raise/lower button for me to stop using standalone Nest app: think of the blu-ray progress slider or volume slider.

There is a pretty good case for thermostat integration with Roomie… Especially if you are controlling a “room” over the garage or in the basement where the temp isn’t always perfect.

Roomie offers a nice task driven “User Experience” for each room that can include home automation (or using Vera or other controllers). I have done this with Vera and Z-Wave devices (automatically turn on the lights, lower the projector screen, dim the lights on play, bring them up on pause, etc.).

There is an indirect way to accomplish thermostat integration today by integrating Roomie with Vera using scenes. For example, Roomie could trigger a scene which includes thermostat settings (Vera can control Z-Wave thermostats and has a plug-in for the Nest).

But, I agree that direct Nest/Thermostat integration would be better :wink:


I agree with everyone here please look into it to make this even more perfect than it already is. Just like jaydebeers said above this really does happen quite offten. Also as well with mumbles1 in another post how about this thermostat? Again thanks for such an already great product just need a few more touches to have it perfect. :slight_smile:


I’d like to see radio thermostat control added to room activities. It be nice if temp could be displayed at top of activity page with temp up and down controls.


3M Radio thermostats wifi thermostats are readily available at any Home Depot for around $99.

here is the API for them … V1_0R3.pdf

nest API info

I would encourage anyone who wants to see Nest integration with anything… to email customer support and request that they make their API’s public.

Given anymore thought on the topic? It’s a new year and nest integration would be awesome.

Quite a few of us, well, me :slight_smile: sets my media room to 66 with my nest control.

When we go to use the room, I would love to have the Roomie set temp to 72 as part of ‘room startup’ and back to 66 as part of ‘room off’

Here in New england, we set rooms pretty cold to save $$$, unless they are in use.