New AppleTV/tvOS app


Are you guys looking at supporting the new AppleTV (with tvOS) in the form of an app? I think it might really be a great show of the Apple ecosystem to include this fucntionality.

Thanks again for a great product and keep up the good work!

There is no ability to run in the background from what we can determine on AppleTV Gen 4. That makes an app for it something where, while it would run great because our code is obviously tuned for iOS-based platforms like that, we would have to be the only app running to be very useful and provide things like ongoing synchronization. Any app switch would be like powering off your iOS device.

Certainly one can argue a few elements in Simple Control such as live video monitoring would be useful even if the app does not run all the time. One can also validly argue that it’s a great box on which to run Simple Sync because at $149, it’s still very cheap compared to a Mac Mini for instance.

Both of those are things we’re taking into consideration. Our first focus is on trying to get deep control on par with Gen 1-3. So far, obviously we know infrared works with no changes. It’s not clear what else will be possible until it is released. As there is no Remote app update from Apple yet, there is no information on if they have an IP interface. That could all change on a dime. We’ll see.

Thank you.