New Dolby Atmos enabled Pioneer Elite Receiver Compatibility

With the release of the new line of Dolby Atmos enabled Pioneer receivers, Pioneer has introduced an upgraded form of surround sound simply labeled “Dolby Surround”. This new surround sound effectively upgrades any source into a Dolby Atmos sounding system (stereo on up) recreating missing speaker tract including the Dolby Atmos ceiling speakers.

The current Roomie Remote configuration for these newer Pioneer Elite receivers does not recognize the new upgraded “Dolby Surround”, and simply displays that selection as Unknown. Hopefully the roomie remote configuration can be updated to include all the additional features of the newer receivers.

Pioneer publishes their receiver control information here: … +Receivers

They have not yet published any updates for those models perhaps because they were very late in the year. In any case, we can grab a mode feedback code from a diagnostic if you contact support. Pioneer would need to publish the information to be sure everything is covered of course.

Thank you.

Thanks for the info - I have just sent a request to Pioneer support to see if they have any updated codes for their new line of Elite Receivers, especially in regards to Dolby Atmos enabled codes.

The new codes are now live. Some of the underlying display names for receiver modes are updated in Roomie 3.1 later this quarter.

Thank you.