New setup looking for some help

I am about to embark on a new build and looking to tie everything together with, I hope SimpleControl. I use Plex for nearly all my media service beyond maybe spotify and few others. I found that SimpleControl seems to be by far the best integration of Plex. I am looking to get help building my system, as I will more than likely be using a MoIP setup with several TV’s and Audio locations. My problem lies in that I have not found any resource for finding a builder that uses SimpleControl as their controller. If that is the case, and it is a DIY system build, are their any resources for actual system design so I can make sure that I build a system that will be fully controllable by SimpleControl? I have looked at the compatibility pages, and did not see any MoIP devices listed as being able to be controlled. If anyone could help point me in the right direction, I would really like to use SimpleControl to control my setup as opposed to remote monitored service from another company. Thanks!

Likely SnapAV would use the same codes as their matrix switchers so you could try those. In any case, assuming you have access to the codes for a product, we publish how to add custom devices:

When I was evaluating SimpleControl (v4.5) last year … I just downloaded it and tried it with my stuff.

As for Plex, I did get some functionality from it. However, I run the AppleTV4 tvOS App version with a Synology-based Plex server. Also, I’m usually holding Siri-Remote, so I just start/use Plex that way.

Dealer-Installed systems like Control4 and Savant are quite a different thing (specially considering the costs involved).

Thanks for responding Will. I was looking at SnapAV as their MoIp seem to be exactly what I would want to use. Glad to know that adding Serial and IP support is possible on the user end without having to have a dealer come and rework a system.

Yeah, I am considering just taking the plunge, but since I have yet to build my system, I do not have all the components so I wanted a chance to see some of what I do not have in action. I am looking to avoid a dealer installed system because I Imagine the cost skyrockets and I would rather know the ins and out of my system instead of having to call for support if anything goes down. Thanks!

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