Newbie Question - 3.5mm Mono Extension Cable

Hi - apologies if this has been answered before (I searched but couldn’t find the answer)

Is the 3.5mm Mono Extension Cable for the IR emitters the same as the ones for audio which are more widely (and cheaply) available?

Thank you.


Yes, it’s pretty much all the same for the extension cables. We do not currently sell any, but from the page of useful cables like that we track, they are awfully inexpensive no matter how you cut it: … TF8&node=9

Thank you.

I have wondered about this. Will a stereo extension cable with stereo 3.5mm plug (3 distinct sections, 2 small rings at tip and longer shank) work with ir repeater that has what appears to be a mono plug (1 ring at tip and longer shank). I have seen both types labelled as ir extension cables. Don’t want to create a short across the ir cable by trying to use wrong connection. Thanks.


That depends - personally I would ONLY use the proper extension (stereo or mono). Some devices put power through one of the connections and using the wrong cable can cause damage to the device (Xantech 789-44’s for instance).

I have the ethernet iTach unit and use a 3.5 mm stereo extension on it to a mono-multihead IR repeater and it works just fine. If you look on Global Cache’s website for these units, the plugs in their descriptions are actually stereo plugs, which always confused me since they send mono IR repeaters with them. Hope that helps.