No Cursor control with Denon 3803 IP communication

If you change inputs to something other than the network input, you may experience different results as when you’re in that input, the directional pad defaults are overridden to use Denon’s input specific codes for the input.

Another path is to edit your Remote Design to use different cursor commands. You’ll see several in the Denon command set. The main set is simply “CURSOR UP” and so on. That’s the one used for menus and system functions. You could add buttons specifically for those commands, or edit the directional pad itself to override.

I have gone through every cursor command available under every menu section. None work. One interesting thing that I found is that when I do a cursor up command under the main system commands is that it calls out a iPod command instead of a receiver command. Can you verify that the correct commands are coded properly for the main system cursor functions?
One small correction on my end… this is a Denon 3808 which is about 4 years old.
If I do an auto detect when I add the device, the port defaults to port 80. If I manually add the device and change the port to 23, the same result occurs as the auto detect. Some of the functions operate… but the cursor functions do not.

Denon does not default to port 80, so at this point we’re going to recommend you contact support so they can diagnose what’s going on.

Meanwhile, the cursor issue on your description is based off the input you are on and will change when you switch to a different input.