No Mute Function for Russound CAV6.6

It seems as the mute function for each of the 6 zones is missing

Also no bass, treble and loudness control

I know that your posts are old, but I had to edit the source file for the Russound system to add more commands and zones.

Roomie provides a set of serial commands for the first 6 zones with the basic commands.

To add keypad commands and additional zones, you have to use a dropbox account (to load additional commands into the Roomie app) and then get busy on manually adding each command to the plist file.

This gets really tricky for 2 reasons. Russound adds a checksum to each command set and you need to figure out how calculate that. Then the HEX data needs to be converted to Base64 (binary) data.

I am a Mac user and use Xcode which does the conversion for you. The Checksum has to be calculated manually which is a PITA.

Since I have an 18 Zone system, i needed a total of over 300 commands in the file, but it works perfectly.

Here is an example for zone 1 mute in binary format:

Zone 1 MUTE


This command will work when you add a RoomieCodes.plist file into a Roomie folder in your Dropbox account.

If you don’t have the file, email Roomie and they will send you the Russound source file.

Good luck!