Not finding some ip devices, in new install

I am installing roomie in a friends house. We are able to discover the two iTach ip2ir we have setup, but his Pioneer VSX-1022 is not being found, nor his Panasonic BDT-220 bluray player. All ip devices are connected through the same Netgear hub.

Autodiscovery is not working for them, I would rather not use a manual ip, since they are likely to change.

Also, the devices are indeed connected to the internet, those functioins work, and I can push Airplay from the ipad to the VSX-1022 without a problem.

also, the receiver is not working with the roomie ir codes.

Autodiscovery not working for anything is a sign of various local network issues. Usually, router settings like “Enable UPnP” are the primary culprit. Something like “Enable Multicast Traffic” might also be related. All of those kinds of things should be enabled.

I’m having a similar issue. I’ve just installed the program. I can see a receiver, but it doesn’t respond to commands. I can’t even see the itach I bought. Any other ideas to fix the issue?

Our previous reply would probably also apply there. Contacting support and providing your brands/models in the form provided would be a good next step after verifying networking configuration.

Having a similar problem with my VSX-1022, roomie is not recognizing my receiver; however, I can tell the receiver is on the network because I can use it to play music from my iPhone via “AirPlay”. I have a wifi modem with 4 built in LAN ports, I can not access the configuration page because my cable provider won’t give me the user name or password to change the configuration. I’m questioning if the modem needs to have some protocols changed as it is live on the network As proven by Apple’s AirPlay.

If your ISP locks down config settings like Comcast does, then I usually purchase my own modem. Another possibility is to call the ISP and have them place you modem into “Bridged” mode and use your own router to handle DHCP and the more advanced options. As far as not discovering devices that are known to be compatible with Roomie check out these links which pertain to Verizon: … 0&tstart=0 … rue/page/2