Now Showing App BGM/Movie Theme music Support

Hello, I have been using Now Showing App for a couple of weeks now. Does the App also support BGM play when showing a poster? It will be very nice if it can also play movie theme music when showing a movie poster.

Do you want to specify your own? I haven’t yet seen a service to provide those. Looping a sound file would be straightforward, but the user could spend ages finding an appropriate sound file. Considering we’re 100% Apple, it would probably be most straightforward to ask the user to specify an Apple Music song/album/playlist. Royalty free (for us and for the user if they subscribe to Apple Music), high quality.

How can I specify my own in Now Showing? When I was running manual posters in the past, I could just simply put the posters into slide show mode and just specify a BGM/Song to go with the slides, so when it plays the posters it will also trigger the BGM song from my personal theme song library to be played at the same time. Not sure how I can do that in Now Showing? Thanks.

Seems super rare that a user would have such a library, not worth considering as a feature. The question is where to source the audio files. Apple Music would be one possibility.

Pulling from Apple Music automatically will be a very nice feature to have.