Now Showing – Movie Poster TV Now Available

We are excited to announce that our third app is now available on the App Store!

That link is for iOS and iPadOS. Coming shortly is macOS as well which is an ideal scenario.

Here is a QuickStart for Now Showing to help understand how best to deploy:

Please send any feedback or suggestions to us at


macOS platform support is now available as well:

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Adding a real-world image of a Samsung Frame 43 connected to a Mac mini running Now Showing with content in progress. (Actual content is swapped for the purpose of this demo image.)

I have tried to install Now Showing on the IPAD, Iphone AND MAC OSx - but in all cases when the subscription screen comes up - i cannot click subscribe. I can change from annual to lifetime - no prices show - but i cannot click on subscribe to start it.


Common issue with new apps. Should be resolved in a day or two. Apple approves apps and purchases separately and sometimes one side isn’t talking to the other side.

cool - thanks - i’ll keep checking on it

They just got cleared, so it should be working “now” or in minutes.

I’ve just posted a Walkthrough and Demo Video for Now Showing here. It’s literally been about 7 years since we’ve posted to YouTube. It’s definitely time to provide more of these videos and some updated videos for various Roomie Remote topics as well so please click like/Subscribe as there’s more to come:


Nice. Subscribed. Definitely need more of this.

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