Now Showing Poster App Device Support

Hello, does anyone know if the Now Showing Poster support devices like Zappiti media player?

There are 20+ supported media players for the Now Showing app. Zappiti is not one of them. We have attempted to get this information from them for many years, but they just don’t have it or don’t send it. ** We do support control of Zappiti, but specifically Now Showing needs timing feedback which either doesn’t exist or isn’t published for Zappiti. Good alternatives include Kaleidescape and Zidoo.

Thanks for the quick response. Good to know Zidoo is supported. Do I need to use a Samsung portrait TV? I have been running digital poster on a Sony TV manually, and I really like the automation piece Now Showing Poster offers, but not sure if it will work on my current TV directly or I need to get a Samsung. Thanks.

Now Showing does not care what TV you use. The reason we usually recommend Samsung Frame is because we know it supports portrait mode, and its screen is specifically made to (1) stay on all the time, (2) use a matte screen to imitate an actual poster. You can use any TV supported by your macOS or iPadOS device from a pure supported device perspective. Of course, TVs in Landscape mode have special considerations. The latest version of Now Showing supports landscape mode artwork as well as various options either to fit or full bleed the images, so just make sure to use the right artwork for ideal display.

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Hey Will, do you know if Android TV will work? Android TV has Set Orientation app, will it work with Now Showing/Mac Mini ecoystem? Thanks.

Android TV is too generic a term. There is no one “Android TV” that necessarily works the same as another. You’d have to try it. If you do, please let us know!