Now Showing Setup

Can I run the Now Showing app on AppleTV to Samsung Frame? Trying to utilize existing hardware before buying a Mac mini. Seems like hardware overkill to run such a lightweight app. Thanks.

Apple TV does not support anything other than Landscape mode. Even if you hookup a portrait mode monitor, you’ll just get a tiny landscape view in the middle of the screen. We could certainly build Now Showing for Apple TV, but that would be a notable downside. On a more minor note, there is at least one upcoming Now Showing feature that would tax older Apple TVs, and the older ones are the most likely candidates for the “throw it together with existing stuff in the closet” approach.
It’s easy enough we’ll probably do it eventually anyway, but just like iPad external monitors, I can’t really recommend it until they support Portrait mode. In the case of iPad monitors, it seems like an obvious oversight they will fix one day. But I would not be surprised if Apple TV Portrait mode never comes.

Thanks for the quick reply! Can you speak to any upcoming features for Now Showing?

The one that is definitely coming after we finish Roomie 8.5 soon is playing video trailers as part of the inactive sequences. That’s ready to go. There’s a more complex addition based on that idea which we’ll be working on later this year that isn’t quite ready to talk about.