Nvidia Shield Support

forums.geforce.com/default/topi … mmands-/3/

In that forum thread is enough to get control of the Nvidia Shield setup. Even a few links to other’s code who have implemented everything but the microphone input the remote supports.

It’s basically AndroidTV like my sony’s so I’m actually surprised it’s not auto detected.

I don’t see anything in there other than failures and quotes from messages I wrote a few years ago about the original Google TV which is now 3 full generations back.

Perhaps “IP Commands not available” would be a more correct title.

Nvidia Shield is controlled today via IR.

Thank you.

Got an Nvidia shield and am loving it for Kodi. I am successfully controlling it via the IR commands in Simple Control, except the green, blue, yellow, green commands do not seem to work within Kodi? Also I really would like to add a command to control subtitles, and I need to implement the keyboard command for the letter L, does anyone know how I can add this?