Octava HD41-ARC

Hi folks, I have an Octava HD41-ARC switch. I have it successfully controlled via IR however I am trying to get better control via RS232 so I can get the necessary feedback. However, after connecting an GlobalCache IP2SL and a serial cable (one end male and the other female - I believe this is a straight thru cable) I am getting no control. I am testing the remote from within Roomie without any success. I don’t know if the cable I’m using is incorrect and require a null modem cable.


If anyone has set this unit up with an IP2SL could you please let me know which serial cable do I require and am I doing something improperly or the codes aren’t meant for that unit within the roomie library?


Thank you kindly.

This kind of thing is quite a bit easier to diagnose with an iTach Flex and Flex Serial Cable because everything can be switched in software rather than the old style where you may in fact have an incorrect cable.

This FAQ helps walk through each aspect to diagnose for serial connections:


Make sure the Flex baud rate is set to 9600.

Thank you.

Just wondering if the rs232 switcher listed in roomies library will control the octava hd41 switcher?