If I asked really nicely, could I please get IR support for a JVC LT-37XM48? I have tried the one JVC television code that is in the database, and it does not work at all. I do not have the original remote from which I could learn.

That’s well within the range of likely supported models with the command set we already use. Therefore, it’s likely the explanation for non-reception in your case is not the commands themselves but other issues such as the Retransmit Count or emitter/blaster issues. We have a FAQ to resolve such issues here:


Added retransmits one by one. Was getting frustrated thinking it wasn’t going to work, but finally on 5 retransmits it worked. Thanks again!

We’re glad to hear it worked.

We would however note that 5 Retransmits generally means the emitter is out of position and can probably be improved with some manual adjustment.