One device doesn't work, others do


I’m running Roomie on an original ipad 1, and as of a few weeks, it no longer works, all the commands just show up in red and don’t go through the iTach. It does work on my iPad3 and my wife’s iPhone 4 (although there are other issues I’ll address in different topics). I reset the iTach and the iPad’s, but no luck.

Anybody run into these problems, or have any ideas?


The iPad 1 continues to work well with Roomie and is supported. So the question here more simply is what the connectivity issue may be with the iPad in your configuration. Make sure the iPad is configured with the same configuration that works on other devices by for instance synchronizing via Dropbox. If you have performed a cold restart (hold down the power button) of the iPad and your other iOS devices are working fine, the next step would be a Restore via iTunes and make sure to use the latest version of iOS.