Onkyo TX-RZ630

I am having trouble getting IP control to shift the audio source to the HDMI ARC with my Onkyo TZ-RZ630. Other IP controls work fine. I just can’t find the correct setting to send to the receiver to tell it to shift to the audio return channel and not the HDMI input.

NOTE: I have DirecTV going into a HDMI input on receiver but watch all streaming services via the Samsung Apps on the TV. So when I shift to an activity that uses a TV app, I need to tell the receiver to use the ARC. If I press “TV” on the Onkyo remote, it works great. Just can’t figure out what command that is in the IP command list to get Roomie to do it for me. DirecTV is setup on the CBL/SAT HDMI input, so selecting this via Roomie shifts it to this when I use the DirecTV activity.