Onkyo TX-SR501 receiver + Motorola VIP1200 cable (Bell Fibe

I received and installed the iTach Wi-Fi/Infrared device yesterday to use with these devices:

Onkyo TX-SR501 receiver
Sharp Aquos TV LC-32D44
Motorola VIP1200 cable box (Bell Fibe TV service in Canada)
Apple TV (2nd generation) (configured as an infrared device)

So far, I configured two main activities, ie Watch TV and Apple TV. The commands I entered work, but not consistently. There is often one command which is not executed, sometimes the TV will not turn on or the video input will not change on the TV or the input on the receiver will not change. That is even when I increase the delays to give the devices the time to execute the commands.

One problem comes from the fact that the Onkyo receiver only has a descrete command for POWER OFF and not for POWER ON (only POWER TOGGLE). I worked around this by starting both activities with an Onkyo Power OFF and then a Power Toggle later in the chain.

The Sharp Aquos seems slow at executing commands, so I increased the delays (and inserted commands) between the Power ON and Change Input commands sent to it.

Still, these two devices will not respond consistenly.

Also, for the Motorola VIP1200 cable box, it looks like it is not possible to configure a guide. I can select the Country (Canada) and Language (French or English), but the Postal Code field remains greyed out.

Thanks in advance


There are two basic techniques to address that kind of thing.

The first is delays, which you’ve already used somewhat. Delays reduce confusion between multiple devices when multiple commands are sent one after the other.

The second is repetition. You can either set repetition for all commands to a given device (Retransmit Count on the device) or for only a specific command (“Repeat” duration on the command in the Remote Design.)

In your case, it sounds like especially the Sharp TV could use some repeats (as well as delays). First just try increasing the Retransmit Count and then if needed you can refine it with individual Repeat durations on specific commands.

The Postal Code field is never grayed out for Canada. Just tap the right side of the field. The left side doesn’t activate.

Thank you.

Thank you. I was able to solve the problems using delays and inserting the same command (input change) many times in the sequence.

I am finding out that my Sharp Aquos (TV) is quite picky. The time it requires before it can accept an input change command after a power-on is quite long (and also not constant). Also, if a power-on is sent to it to early after a power-off, it will not take it.

Guide: I could indeed enter my postal code. However, the “Bell TV Eastern” guide for Canada, French, and my postal code does not seem to include the French HD channels (1101, 1102, etc.).