Open Activity via URL


is it possible to open an activity via a URL from other apps? Something like this:


I have just started using the Roomie remote system this weekend and so far it is great. However I too, would like to be able to open apps like Sonos or Pandora from within the activity.

While I don’t have the knowledge or experience on how to do this, I am very willing to try. Is there a tutorial that goes through, step by step, how to do something like this?

Those are unrelated features. The OP request is not a current feature – that would be best in the Feature Requests forum if not already there. The second poster seems to be referencing standard URL Scheme launching which is supported and covered here in the FAQ:

Thank you.

Why would this not be possible with Roomie Agent’s triggers? The URL wouldn’t be exactly look like that, but you could trigger the activity.