Opening apps inside roomie

You can’t launch apps inside apps on iOS. So using a URL scheme does not make any sense in the context of opening within Roomie. We cover this more in the FAQ:

I don’t think that was the answer he was looking for. To be more specific, my settings on an iPad for a given Activity

“Start Commands” then
Type: "URL"
URL: "remote://"
Opens: “in Safari”

This also works just fine on my iPhone, for some reason it took my phone about 10 seconds to launch the Remote app.

I know I can open the remote app inside roomie through safari but the problem with that is that if I want to go back to my receiver and change the volume, I will lose the remote app in safari and have to relaunch it again to get to the remote app. I wanted to be able to switch between them without closing and reopening them again.

Right, that’s what we read from your first post so the information in the third post does not apply. Please see our original post.