Opening the Pandora app

Hi, is there any way that I can open and control the Pandora app or any other app like that through inside the roomie application. I know that there is a FAQ for it that direct me to a programing website but I am not a programer and don’t know how to integrate that into the roomie. Is there any other easier way to do that?

It actually is incredibly simple to do that. Just create a URL command marked as “Opens in Safari” (which means just let iOS handle it), and then give it a URL like “pandora://”. This page contains other things you can do like that:

Sorry but that is the problem. I don’t even know how to create a URL command to begin with.

Just create a new Activity and use the Add Command button under Start Commands. Then choose the URL command type.

I think I got it but is there a way to assign a button for Pandora in on of my existing activities that I can open and close it from there?

The right way to handle it is to make it the last command in the Start Command list for that Activity and have any other commands such as setting your receiver input come before it. Roomie will wait for the prior commands to complete before launching the URL scheme. Set “Opens Remote” to None for that Activity.

Correct but the problem is that if I want to go back to my receiver to change the volume for example I will have to close the app and therefore I will lose it. I was wondering if I could have it the same way that the tv program guide is working along with the roomie, side by side inside the roomie itself. I am assuming it is not possible at least for now, right?

Sounds like you would simply want to designate Opens Remote as your receiver then.

We have multiple in-app Pandora integrations with many receivers. So yes there are also ways to have all of this right inside your Virtual Remote, but that would depend on your other equipment and whether it supports that.

I actually have the pioneer sc-25 av receiver which does not support pandora. I listen to pandora through my receiver using my apple tv. I have created an activity for my apple tv and my receiver and I wanted to include Pandora in its virtual remote that I wouldn’t need to get out of roomie each time that I want to access my pandora and vice versa.