OPPO 103 / 105 IP Control / Discrete On / Off

I am using IP control of my OPPO 103D but found out that they currently don’t have discrete ON / Off commands. RS-232 works just fine but I didn’t want to have to buy another Global Cache device and all the hassle when it has an Ethernet jack on the player.
See the following support message to OPPO…
Message to OPPO:
I love my 103D!!! But, Please fix the discrete on / off commands in your IP interface. I know they work for RS232 but I don’t want to spend the extra $250 it would cost me to connect my automation system to it.
Will the fix be in the next firmware release?

OPPO’s Response:

The IP Controls are still a work in progress. Ultimately we hope to have the IP Controls mirror the RS232 commands, but we do not know when this may occur.
(If OPPO doesn’t know then I Wonder who does?)

If you would like them to make this a priority, send them a message.
You might even post on other sites to encourage others to do the same.
Unfortunately, Good customer service usually only occurs if enough customers make noise and it goes public. Otherwise, hey they got your money, why do they need to do anything!

Customer Service
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It appears that the discrete power on has the problem. The discrete off is working. I have temporarily changed the power on to use the power toggle command. IP control on my 105 seems fine otherwise.

Some users in other threads here report the LOGIN command works as a power on for Oppo IP control on the 10X models. You may want to try that with the latest firmware.

Thank you.

Is anyone else seeing the POWER OFF command now working as a POWER TOGGLE? My Power Off macro, which contains the POWER OFF command, now turns my BDP-103 on. The macro didn’t behave in this manner when I set it up a few weeks ago. Something has changed, I believe.

I can confirm that the POWER OFF command works as POWER TOGGLE on the BDP-103.