Oppo 10X BD Control Update

A couple weeks ago, Oppo issued a firmware update that broke the default method of IP control. We have provided them with the necessary information to resolve.

In the meantime, if you are having trouble controlling a 10X model of Oppo BD player, we recommend switching to a method of control we didn’t announce but is in fact already in all editions of Simple Control. Add the unit via Manual IP on port 436 and select the “Media Control” category. That method is actually more functional than the default method. Until we fully certify this new method, I’d recommend switching back to the default IP control when the original IP control is fixed by Oppo however.

Thank you.

Is this going to require an firmware update from Oppo to fix?
Is this going to be fixed anytime soon?

This is all now working well. Oppo changed some formatting in their August firmware update. We changed to accommodate that in version 4.5.4 released this week.

Note that the alternate method on port 436 still works fine, but now the default method has been restored to its previous functionality.

Thank you.