Oppo BDP-103 Power on over IP

Will this be available in the upcoming 1.8 software release please? It works well with the free iTunes Oppo App so we know the player can do it.

According to Oppo a few weeks ago they acknowledged it was not functional in their firmware as covered in this thread:


There is no magic here. If it suddenly works with something else due to a firmware update, you should be able to get it working with Roomie either via Wake on LAN or one of the Power commands in the set. We do provide all of them.

Thanks. Sorry I overlooked the thread on this. I will send an email off to Oppo myself, and in the mean time will resort to IR commands. I just downloaded the IOS Oppo App from iTunes myself and found it too does not “power on” the 103 over IP - obviously due to the deficiency in the 103’s firmware.

Odd, this works fine for the 105…