Oppo BDP-105

I know the 105 is a reasonably recent device, but the (compatible) 103 has been on the shelf from months. And they are among the best players, probably the best in their price range.

Are you still distant to providing IP live feedback from these players?

As a second (related) feature - that I would even specifically pay to have - I’d love operating the Oppo as a pure network music player, without switching on the TV, eg. browsing SMB network folders in roomie rather than on the TV. Would it ever be possible?

We support everything Oppo provides on the 105 in terms of control. That includes an elaborate, extensive feedback implementation over serial – probably the best Blu-ray player feedback we have.

Presently Oppo provides no feedback for anything at all via IP. We would certainly support it if they did.

Thank you.

New IP Control/feedback possibilities from the recently released new firmware?


There doesn’t appear to be anything interesting in the new firmware from an IP control/feedback perspective or a fix for the IP Power issue:

oppodigital.com/blu-ray-bdp … -0422.aspx

Of course, it could be something they simply did not add to the release notes. Regardless, it shouldn’t require any changes on our part to handle IP Power as we already had those commands since we released the 103/105 support in October. We would recommend users re-test IP Power control with the new firmware.

Thank you.

I just tested my 103 & discrete power on over IP still doesn’t work with the recent firmware update.

I just received this info from OPPO when i asked about power-on over IP:

The player supports IP Control when the player is off. You just need to change your Energy Mode (Device Setup) from Energy Saver to Quick Start. The player will now leave the Ethernet and Wireless adapter on while in Standby, so it will respond to IP Control commands.

Has anyone actually verified that statement on a real unit? In other words, a 103/105 unit when off, does sending POWER ON actually power it on now with their latest firmware?

There has been so much confusion over that for so long that we’d like to pin down that answer once and for all if it has changed.

Thank you.

yes it does work with my BDP-105, but i still have one problem. the power-off command from the activity “all off” turns the player on. when i use the test remote, “power on” “power off” and “power toggle” appear to all do the same thing.

The IP set for Oppo does have all three: Toggle, Off, and On. They are all different. You may want to report that discrepancy to Oppo if they’re not obeying the appropriate commands. Do simple commands like Play turn the player on when it is turned off now? That would operate more like old-school IR if so.

Thank you.

ok I have been playing with the oppo 103 ip power on issue. here is what I found. POWER ON discrete command does not work…but… found that the LOGIN command turns the unit on over IP. (old school IR way). So only problem was how to develop a discrete POWER OFF since that command just toggles. Ended up setting up in the off command sequence, 2 commands. First send out LOGIN command with a 5000ms delay to make sure that the unit is on before I toggle. Then I send the POWER OFF command. I know it is kind of a overkill hack, but it works finally.


I have tried to control my bdp103 today using IP control and roomie, with the latest firmware as of today, and am having trouble.The discrete power on command does nothing, while both the power off and toggle commands do the same thing: they toggle the power.

The login command does nothing for me, no matter the Oppo being on or off.

Btw my energy mode is set to quick start, as oppo suggests.

Login command worked for me. I am however on the Beta firmware release. do not know if that has anything to do with it or not.

Should have worked. The only tjing that is different in mysetup, is that my oppo is on the Aug 12th Beta firmware release. needed it for the oppo ipad app that they released. do not know if that will make a difference or not.

I have done what stefcharles recommended, above, with success with my Oppo 103 with latest firmware as of today. LOGIN seems to give me what I need, so though it’s a bit of a hack it works well enough.