Oppo Discrete Power and Input Commands

I just received my Oppo BDP-103 and am trying to set up some macros within Roomie using the IP connection. Is there any way to send a discrete Power On command as opposed to a Toggle Power? Right now the command set shows these discrete commands as options but they do not function as such (Power On does not work, Power Off functions as a Toggle command).

Similarly, is there a way to send a discrete command to select the input source (such as the back panel HDMI)? Right now the only way to do this via IP is to use the on-screen menu and scroll through the list of input options.

Looking at the serial command list for this player it seems that these discrete commands are all supported over serial, so I was hoping they could be implemented via IP as well.


We recommend asking Oppo support about that. (We have.) We’re not sure what the issue is. They say the player supports discrete power, but that’s not quite how the commands work as you’ve observed. If real users with real players contact them about it, it’s much more likely they will look into it.

As a side note, all of the power commands work as expected via serial. The command names are identical over IP, but for some reason the discrete power commands are reported by users to have different behavior.

The same goes for your question about inputs. We’re providing all of the commands Oppo provides, so any variation in behavior or additional commands are something we have no real influence on.

Here is the reply I received from Oppo:

The IP Controls for the player will mimic IR and RS232 commands, but several commands are not currently working in the player. This includes discrete ON and OFF and INPUT commands. We are looking into resolving this through a future firmware release.

Best Regards,

Customer Service
OPPO Digital, Inc.

Sounds like they realize the problem.

I actually have a simalar questions. I set up the OPPO 103 via serial how do I implement the discrete input commant to so that when I choose my watch DirecTV activity the OPPO automaticly selects the HDMI rear input which I’m using to process the DirecTV signal. With the virtual remote you have to manually select source then scroll down to select rear HDMI. It appears from OPPO’s RS-232 protocol they do support discrete selection of the input directly but I’m unsure of how do make this happent. Can you advise?

The serial set has been updated in the next library update for explicit input selection on the 103/105 as well as additional app launch options like Pandora.

I have discovered that it is possible to select a specific input by sending a Source command followed by the number of the desired source (as listed in the drop-box). For example, to select the back panel HDMI input you send a Source command followed by a number 3.