Optoma P1 & LG HU85LA

Hi, I’m currently looking at purchasing an ultra short throw projector.
And, I’m between the Optoma P1 & the LG HU85LA.
I believe the LG should be compatible with Roomie out of the box since it runs webOS.
IDK about the Optoma though.



The LG works. I haven’t tried much, but power on through wake-on-lan works

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I have a P1. I like the projector, but control options are crap. It has an Ethernet connection but doesn’t appear to support any of the traditional Optoma network control protocols. The “smart” features with Alex/Google barely work and IFTTT on/off works almost never.

IR controls seem the best solution for the moment. I’ve seen rumors of big firmware updates that add features but were delayed because of the pandemic… but nothing concrete. I emailed technical support about network control options and the engineering team says there are “no network controls available”. BS - it has even has an iOS remote app. Wireshark shows plenty of traffic when using the horrible Optoma iOS remote (1-2 seconds to register each button push), but it appears to be encrypted. I digress.

Good projector, awful controls, IR seems to work fine.