Order of HomeKit Rooms

I have my HomeKit accessories arranged in multiple rooms. When I select “Switches” in the HomeBar, I see all the HomeKit Rooms but it’s not clear what order they’re in and the first room is the one that opens by default . They are not in the same order that I see in the Home App. So, two questions:

  1. How can I reorder the list of HomeKit Rooms ?
  2. Can I affect which HomeKit room opens by default when you select the category on the Homebar?


The room that opens for every Homebar panel is the room that you’re in. So if you’re in Living Room, that’s what opens. The exception is the Cameras panel which instead opens to whatever Cameras room you last viewed.

The order of the Rooms is the order specified in the Rooms panel which you can drag to reorder.

HomeKit room ordering has no relevance in a Roomie context. You should ensure that the same room names exist in Roomie to reduce any confusion there.

Thanks for that!